There are a few places you never want the demons to come after you on the internet. Reddit and 4chan. Those users are internet savvy and brutal as it gets. This dude messed with Reddit and now his life has been turned upside down!


Relationship Advice section where a guy was talking about the issues he was having with trust. He thought his wife might have been having an affair and didn’t know if he was being paranoid.


In between some helpful comments about how to stalk her and check all of the outlets before blowing everything up one user used the comment section to explain “why his girl would never do that to him”


One thing people on Reddit don’t like is douchebags and this dude was taking the cake. Battling over and over with people, bragging about his “model” girl and how much money he makes.


His girl was a model alright but just not where he thought she was “modeling”



Some of you might already be able to tell what a photo like this is most likely from. For those of you slower readers out there. Keep reading!


Here is a quick fun fact about Reddit that could save you. When you are being a dick, on your MAIN reddit account odds are in the 4+ years you have been snooping around the front page of the internet you left a trail to yourself.


Piss off enough people and they will track it down. All the way to your Instagram which of course tags your model GF in the pics you are posting for likes.


This dude didn’t think about that. Now he was left open and exposed.



Bingo that is all the ammo these dudes needed. The tracked her down and noticed that she did have a modeling page but with a different name. A few clicks and searches there and they found an old thread of tweets from 2015 with that “model name” interesting right?


Follow the thread and BINGO! She was modeling alright.


It was game over from there.



They located the source of the tweeted image which was from an adult website company. A few more Reddit tricks that are over my head and they had membership access to the site and a direct link to this dudes girlfriends videos.


52 mins of glory:



You can imagine the blow out he was getting. Everyone roasted him and linked him until it was so bad the original post was deleted.


That didn’t stop people. They found him and kept blasting.


At that point, the guy had been getting shredded online. He realized it was time to just delete his Reddit account altogether.


Probably didn’t brag about his model GF much after that…


The crazy thing about all this is a very very similar story happened to a military dude on 4chan. He posted a pic of his girlfriend and someone went to high school with her. Knew what she was doing. And all hell broke loose in his world.


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