What can go wrong with setting up dates from 5 to 8 pm with six different girls? Oh, he did it at the same bar… SO THEY ALL MET EACH OTHER! What an IDIOT!



According to UNILAD: A group of women struck up an unlikely friendship after being invited on a date by the same man on the same night – which was hilariously live tweeted by date number one.


Yep – one guy, six women, six dates, one night, same bar = recipe for disaster.


Lisette Pylant, from Washington DC, had been on a night out when her friends introduced her to a guy in a bar they’d just met. The pair then met up for a date but a second woman arrived to meet the same man just 45 minutes later.




The 26-year-old told UNILAD: Yes, everything that happened is unfortunately true.


I seem to have the world’s worst dating luck, but I’m glad I was able to make some new friends out of the situation at least.


I met this man at a bar on Saturday night when I was out celebrating my birthday with friends.


They saw I was texting my ex and wanted to try and make sure I had a better night than that, and so connected me with this guy they’d just met.


Assuming he knew my friends already I was polite and struck up a conversation with said guy before we continued on celebrating.


















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