Jay Swingler and his co-star Romell Henry have a YouTube series called “TGFbro” in England where they’ve done idiotic pranks before like setting themselves in jelly overnight and bathing in fake tan. However, this time’s prank backfired so horribly Swingler thought he was actually going to die and the fire brigade had to rescue him.


They had it all planned out: Swingler was going to breath through the tube shown above while the store-bought microwave over his head filled with quick-dry cement. What could possibly go wrong with such a genius plan you ask? Everything.


After the microwave filled with cement, Swingler was waiting for it to dry when the tube got blocked. The prank had gone horribly wrong and Swingler couldn’t breath.


His co-star Romell Henry tried his hardest to get the cement-filled microwave off of him by breaking the cement and dismantling the microwave, but couldn’t. They called 999 (weird I know) and the fire brigade had to come to the rescue.


 Five firefighters and at least two paramedics came to the scene and worked for over an hour to get if off of him. The West Midlands Fire Service tweeted that they were “seriously unimpressed” and rightfully upset that five firefighters were tied up today because of a YouTube prank. Additionally, the fire service’s watch commander said “all of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need.”


After the incident, Swingler said “I’ve never appreciated life so much, ever… please don’t try this yourself. Like, please don’t try this.”


The video below has over 2 million views on their YouTube page, and is probably the best ever example of play stupid games, win stupid prizes.




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