This dudes job is hard enough, now you throw in the fact that these twins are just “hanging out” in their night ware, just asking for attention!


The “To Catch A Cheater” channel has found so many different ways to test relationships… I really don’t know how they keep coming up with this stuff.


As always with a post like this I need to mention that this channel claims this is 100% real. While I may have my doubts, I do understand this is like the TV show years ago “cheaters” it is here for entertainment.


The channel that posts these videos gave us this backstory:

This GF wants to set up her Boyfriend to she if he will cheat on her! He is an installer at AT&T – and with her help we were able to schedule a service install specifically with him! What he does not expect is that two asian twins will be testing his loyalty. Will he pass this test, or will he not!? Either way, stick around till the end to see this UNEXPECTED SHOCKING SURPISE! – on a side note, the internet is WORKING GREAT NOW! Thanks AT&T!


SHOCKING . SURPRISE! Can you imagine if we were still allowed to make titles like that on Facebook. There is a reason why they have banned them. Most of the time the outcome isn’t shocking… This one was unexpected though.


Check out the video below:


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