When you act like a tough guy who is secretly a loser on Twitter, it is only a matter of time until the entire network decides to team up against you and tear you to shreds.


That is what happened to this guy after he posted a meme that made a ton of people angry.


Here is what I don’t get. You made the mistake. The “meme” went viral… Say you are sorry and delete this tweet. People will forget over time like they do about everything else on the internet!


Leyton Mokgerepi probably thought he was creating a relatable meme when he tweeted this:



What ended up happening, however, was the complete opposite. People immediately ostracized him online for posting a fat joke at another woman’s expense. A woman, who, actually looks pretty darn good in her photo, if you ask me. And most importantly, of course, is that women don’t have to meet any one standard of beauty, and don’t exist just for other people to find them attractive.





And as it turns out, because the internet is a place full of cats and karma, and in this case, boatloads of karma, the woman in the photo Leyton tried shaming came out, on the record, that she in fact doesn’t like him.



Look at the tweeter reactions!


Even famous celebs started reposting:



He tried to save face after her post by calling her, “Girlfriend Goals.”



UPDATE: He has made an “apology” But it was clear for all to see it was a feeble attempt, so Twitter reminded him of how badly he was dragged.


But it looks like it doesn’t forget:


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