Twitter beef is the best. You can sit back with your popcorn and watch two people you don’t really know just own each other in under 160 characters. It is even better when companies take advantage of the platform and do a little bit of battling for their brand.


Wendy’s is the king of that and you know what they say about the king. If you come at the king you best not miss. meaning if you are coming at Wendy’s you better have some good ammo.


This dude thought he did but realized quickly he shouldn’t have opened his mouth on something he didn’t know.


Here is how it all went down. Wendy’s posted this pic and tweet below:



It all started with this everyday tweet from Wendy’s official Twitter account.


The beef was started and here comes Wendy’s with the flames!


Guess we laugh at Wendy’s now. But wait…



Here comes the smartness of this dude…







Never try trolling a food place.



Fuzzy bagels with the checkmate.

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