Who is this ghetto chick that has been blowing up?! I have seen her over and over again. I am pretty in with the viral internet people and I had to look up this girl named Victoriatoria Waldrip.


Turns out this girl is Cash me outside 2.0! No wonder she was talking some shit.


I had seen a video of her posted on a big meme page I follow on Instagram and had no idea she was “the internet famous”


Yes, that is a term these days and it produces people just like this!


“There’s a new teenage Instagram ratchet…. she’s got blonde hair, blue eyes… and swears that she’s “BLACK”!!! (WOW… She’s worse than CASH me Outside)


What a title.

With just a few Google searches I found more info on this girl than I ever needed to know. I will keep it short and sweet for you guys!


American Instagram model who is known for posting fashion, swimwear, and lifestyle photos to her woahhvicky account. She has gone on to garner more than 300,000 followers on the photo sharing platform.  


That is a crazy amount of people for following a wannabe be gangster. I guess we have seen this all before…


One of her videos alone got 9 million views in a week! Hate all you want. Those are some crazy numbers.


“Gang Gang”



The girl seems to be just as big of a train wreck as cash me outside.



So she will probably go on Dr.Phil and get rich and famous.


I even looked her up on the best source for info. Urban Dictionary!


Some rich white girl that thinks she’s black when she white as hell and she also claims that she’s from Zone 6.


Omg Victoria Waldrip Is White As Fuck .


Check out the video below:


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