This is extremely sad. Bree Keller, a 22-year-old hairdresser and bikini model from the Northern Beaches suburbs of Sydney, is believed to be one of three passengers who died in a tragic car wreck in the city’s Central Business District on Saturday morning.


According to ViralThread: An emotional funeral has been held for Bree Keller, who died on whilst travelling in a $200,000 supercar. The men were unknown to any of her family. However, as investigations continue, it appears that the mystery may have been solved.


The bikini model, who had established a strong following on Instagram, tragically burned to death when the Nissan GT-R R35 that she was travelling in was involved in a high speed crash in Sydney.



Keller’s family have been left heartbroken by the incident, which claimed the “free spirited” model and hairdresser. “She was a free spirit. Very, very attractive girl, very funny, we just all loved her to bits,” her stepfather Peter Francis said. “She was a family girl, and we’re all just so devastated that we have lost her.


We’re just basically waiting for Briana to walk through the door because we can’t believe it. She was full of life. It’s just a waste, an absolute waste,” he said. “It was just a tragic mistake.”
 To add insult to injury, Keller’s family were left clueless as to why the 22-year-old was even in the car. “We have no idea how she became to get in that car,” Mr Francis said. “We don’t know any of the people in that car… she didn’t know them either. We’re just at a loss.”




Update: It appears she did know the men she was riding with. According to DailyMail: “Model, 22, killed in $200,000 supercar crash was secretly DATING one of the brothers who died alongside her… but didn’t want anyone to know because she had just split up with her boyfriend”



The brother of Steve and Jeff Nasr, Andre, made an emotional post on his Facebook page on Sunday morning saying the family’s ‘hearts are weeping and tears are flowing’


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