So when this video came out a ton of people were in the comments shredding us saying 1. the video was fake. 2. it was a prop gun 3. it was edited after the fact with a program.


To which I pointed to my original statement which was. Fake or not… This looks real, and it is not something you should joke about or try and imitate. Looks like the video was real and it has come back to bite the shooter and his buddies.


The Rich kid with a gun opened desultory fire from his window at random pedestrians in the central street of Kharkiv, Ukraine on Thursday, October 26. Then he bragged with this footage on his Instagram account. (which is now been deleted by IG)


That is where it was found by police who were actively monitoring social media, after there were reports of shooting in downtown.


The perpetrator and 3 of his friends that were with him during the shooting were arrested shortly after.


The criminal proceedings were instituted – the punishment for such a felony is 3 to 7 years in prison. No pedestrians were injured, according to police.


Here was the video of the kid shooting into the streets like a real moron.



The perpetrator had also previously bragged on his Instagram with a picture of him standing with a gun at Kharkiv University, where he is studying at.

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