Nothing like seeing your friend break his neck doing a wild jump and then thinking to yourself… “Maybe I should give it a shot”


The cops didn’t want it to go down and tried their best at stopping this rider. But trying hard wasn’t enough!


X Games Gold Medalist Colby Raha evades police to jump train gap and Kyle Katsandris jumps train gap with a horrific life threatening crash as seen in the movie On the Pipe 7 “The Last Hit”


The cops were waiting this time




The comments have been a mixed bag of people kind of making fun of him for exposing himself:

“They couldn’t really catch me” so we uploaded this video to make it easier.


“they couldn’t catch me”Officer:” hey Patrick, look at this guy on reddit… remember Wednesday we didn’t get him?…lets pay him a visit”


Going to jail or going for glory? If you go for glory you go to jail. If you do nothing, nothing happens.


Check out the video below:


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