Dumb dumb and dumb. Did I mention this is pretty dumb?


I have said this a million times. You are FILMING YOUR CRIME! You can’t get out of any of this dumb stuff you are doing these days because you are filming it all!




A suspended fraternity member at the University of Georgia led cops on a high-speed chase that he posted on Snapchat, saying he was “running from a cop” while topping over 110 mph, police said.


Hunter Ty Wilkerson, 19, is facing more than 25 charges, including DUI and attempting to elude police, after the Thursday morning chase that began in Athens when Wilkerson allegedly stole five traffic signs from the university’s campus. Police started to follow the teen in a Ford F-150 after he was spotted driving a 90 mph in a 35-mph zone at about 3:30 a.m., WSB-TV reported.


“At that point in itself, he’s reckless,” said Epifanio Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. “He’s putting lives in danger, to include his own and anyone else who’s on the roadway.”


Wilkerson blew past three red lights before losing control of his truck near a police station and driving off the road, crashing into several parked cars, WXIA reported.



Police said Wilkerson was “sending out updates” during the 10-minute, high-speed pursuit using Snapchat.


“An officer looks through his phone and sees he was active on social media, Snapchat, and was sending out updates saying that he was in pursuit with the police officer,” Rodriguez said.
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