Well guys… It didn’t take long for the internet to combine their powers for some good and find the location, cat, and person responsible for launching it in the air into the road.


This cirlce on the eyes thing must be some gang stuff. Luckily the interent has my back:



The video that went ‘viral’ I hate saying that for a video like this showed a dude launching a cat into the road. I included it below but be warned it is disturbing to watch.


Check out the video below:



It didn’t take long for people to ID the location and then the dude.



The local police were flooded with comments and concerns about the cat as well as with some death threats about the kid. Side note… Not smart to Tweet that to the cops.



Even a dude working for FOX news showed 0 chill:


The Police made this statement updating everyone on the situation:



It sounds like the dude isn’t a real good guy.



There is no way that video really exists right?





Just a pure scumbag.

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